The good riddance that should have been but sadly didn’t materialize! (Poem)
By Stanley Collymore
Poland always was and in the 21st Century is still a vile, Nazi
fascist cesspit. And I’m mortified, that my father and others
like him risked their lives, and with some of them actually
dying in the process to save Poland’s undeserving, racist
and ungrateful ass. These ethical, thoroughly altruistic
and commendable human beings, and outstandingly
courageous fighters for freedom, on this occasion
ought never in my straightforward opinion, have
ever intervened, and not just simply in World
War II, but any war on Poland’s behalf; but
instead should’ve coolly stood back in this World War
II scenario and with studied, rapt and apt admiration
desired for Third Reich Germany to have removed
this abomination of a country called Poland and
its equally loathsome population permanently
off the face of this Earth! For democracy to
Poland then, in 1939, was and remains in
the 21st Century comparable to and also
as genuinely achievable a conception
among Poles, from all conceivable
backgrounds, and across every
continuum of Polish society
universally as the curse of
pervasively deep-seated
paedophilia is, to the
positive welfare of
very innocent and
vulnerable children; and
those with even a half–
functioning brain in
their cranium, will
undoubtedly, I’m
sure of it, know
what I mean.
Stanley V. Collymore
28 July 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
So what the world was effectively presented with when Britain declared war on Germany in 1939 on the self-righteous pretexts, that it falsely and overtly proclaimed, was in reality nothing more, or less, than a concertedly Machiavellian and self-interestedly created and assiduously implemented “pre-emptive, self-defence mechanism” to safeguard the prestige of it retaining a global empire, as well as physically protecting its own ass!

For there was nothing, at all, that was either political or ideologically different in the mindset between Germany’s Third Reich leaders and those who controlled and ran Britain. As it was obvious, as night follows day, that everyone from prominent members of the British Royal Family right down to the manifestly brutish scum that comprised Oswald Mosley’s private army of sadistic enforcers were dye-in-the wold Nazis, fascists or both; and that the British aristocracy was literally infested and crawling with them. And how very ironic, and as well patently dishonest, all of this was, in that Winston Churchill: unbelievably hailed, promoted and proselytized as “Britain’s greatest human being” ever – and each time that I’m enforced to hear that mantra repeated I silently and risibly ponder, knowing Churchill’s reprehensible and well-document personal and political record that demarcates nothing honourable about this presumed human being, who on earth then would these unmistakeably poorly informed or else utterly disingenuous British morons, clamorous in his praise, regard as the worst of their kind? – was a life-long ardent and committed eugenicist; the same noxious creed which Nazism emanates from; and in Winston Churchill’s case was that man who openly favoured the compulsory sterilization of significant sections of the British working classes as well as Plebeian perceived whites – other than those obviously needed to cater to the wanton needs of their presumed “social betters”, and therefore act as a foremost disincentive to them from ever aspiring to be, as well as physically and psychologically preclude them from marrying and, God forbid, ever breeding with and thus contaminating the UK’s aristocracy and those who, predictably like Winston Churchill himself, automatically judged themselves to be to the Manor Born.

And it’s patently obvious, as night follows day, that while there are overwhelming numbers of whites who’re completely pig-ignorant of the real causes that initiated and subsequently reinforced Europe’s holocaust or additionally even the truthful consequences that stemmed from it – as apart from the intentionally fabricated, frenetically propagandized, as well as the zealously adhered to and stimulatively proselytized versions of the above that are themselves ardently treasured by those who are assiduously and self-servingly promoting them – and in absolute terms from the innate and vigorously executed barbarism exclusively exhibited by white Europeans, and furthermore quite erroneously and dangerously assuming or essentially believing that Europe’s overblown holocaust was simply a one-off situation; and additionally in their appalling ignorance finding themselves totally unaware that this European holocaust was in essence Germany’s third, in a relatively short while and in the space of just 25 years, following the commencement of the 20th Century.

The two others that Germany premeditatedly carried out beforehand, both of them occurring in Germany’s then African colony of Southwest Africa, now in the 21st Century the sovereign and independent UN member nation of Namibia, where during Germany’s imperialistic and utterly barbarous rule of that African territory some 90% of its indigenous population: made up of the Herero and Namaqua peoples, were quite calculatedly, systematically, systemically and genocidally wiped out. In what was clearly a benchmark exercise and the premeditated prelude to what, in only a few years afterwards, would be devilishly and just as calamitously be similarly embarked on throughout the entirety of mainland Europe.

Notwithstanding its odious, awful and criminal atrocities in Southwest Africa Germany, which didn’t make any apology for them until 2004 and even then grudgingly so, has stated publicly that it has no intention of compensating the descendants of those, in what’s now independent Namibia, who managed to survive the two 20th century holocausts in Southwest Africa that preceded by almost 30 years the one that Germany later, with its Axis allies, carried out in Europe. And what’s more post World War II made to feel absolutely guilt-ridden for its murderous escapades by the victorious Allies in conjunction with the adorning of itself in sackcloth and ashes as it still well into the 21st century flagellates itself for what it did to other European whites in the form of Yiddish Jews and no one else among the millions of other victims it brutalized, Germany in marked contrast to the contemptuous, hypocritical and double-standards attitudes that it holds towards the Namibian people nevertheless 72 years after World War II ended seemingly has no problems whatsoever in providing a bottomless pit of ever boosted financial and other material compensation in a European holocaust scam, racket and a concerted carpet bagging financial industry to the Middle Eastern interloping and Palestinian genocide entity of Yidland, and doing so in a manifestly bogus enterprise that this enormous and ongoing financial outlay on Germany’s part, and well into the 21st Century, is somehow for the sole benefit of Europe’s holocaust survived Yids. The overwhelming majority of whom are dead anyway while the miniscule remaining number of them are well into their old age and have been complaining like others for decades that very little of the billions that Germany sycophantically pays out, and has done so ever since the war ended, has ever reached and still to this day doesn’t do so the needs of the very people for whom it was supposedly designated, while in marked contrast the billions shelled out by Germany, and which is totally complicit in this odious charade, is massively hogged by the Nazi-Zionist, holocaust-industry enterprise that controls Yidland.

Similarly, no compensation has been made by Britain and the host of other European slave owning countries in relation to the Transatlantic Slave Trade and specifically the Caribbean element of it; but they too like Germany have no qualms in Yidland fraudulently on behalf of European Yids, among all of the other European holocaust victims, receiving these vast and ongoing sums of money long after World War II has ended. And the only compensation directly related to the Caribbean Slave Trade was that which was handsomely paid out to the slave owners, and amounting in today’s terms to Trillions of Pound Sterling, for having lost, these slave owners, their chattel, in other words, property as Black slaves were deemed to be, and in tandem with that what Haiti was enforcedly made to pay to France well into the start of the 21st century for having the nerve to liberate itself from French slavery of the people of that Caribbean island.

An enforcement that was made possible by Britain, France and the newly independent and fledgling Rogue State USA blockading the island and effectively starving its inhabitants. A sick principle that France then adopted in relation to its “liberated” Black African colonies, that despite being supposedly independent and sovereign nations are as I write on the 21st August 2017 still paying massive amounts of reparations to France for the dubious privilege of France granting them their “independence” And this utterly sick mindset was driven first in Haiti’s case by Britain, France and ironically independent and fledging Rogue State USA, having also fought for its independence but from Britain, utterly petrified that the Haiti example of liberating itself would set a bad example as well as a dangerous precedent, if not brutally, heavy-handedly and quite barbarically stopped by these white imperialist and colonialist entities, to other enslaved lands. And, in effect, it’s clear that nothing has changed in the 21st century as far as these loathsome white supremacists are concerned. Slavery may have officially gone but the methods and objectives by these western entities and their collaborators are still the same as when slavery existed.

And so for Poland, significant swathes of whose territory like Prussia and the Sudetenland for example were formerly German, and with Poland itself along with Ukraine and other Eastern European countries deeply involved in Europe’s holocaust to in the 21st Century be asking for compensation, as if the clowns who run that place think everyone out here has short attention spans or lost memories, while acting as if Poles and Poland were the victims of World War II rather being the loathsome Nazi and fascist collaborators and perpetrators that they actually were truly beggars belief, as well as makes a completely mockery of both justice and common sense. Accounting for why I don’t see Poland as having been a victim of either World War II or Europe’s odious holocaust, any more than I would consider the members of a feral household kicking the shits out of each other while likewise known to be a complete bane to and a recurrent pain in the ass of their decent neighbours as any business of mine. And for me serves as proof positive why I profoundly, unreservedly and unapologetically think that my Dad, other Barbadians and Caribbeans alike ought not to have gotten involved in that barbarous, lunatic and undeniably internecine European war, and particularly so with the jackboot of Britain’s own barbarism thrust onto their necks at home in the West Indies, vaingloriously referred to as World II, when in actuality it was significantly a murderous Eurocentric affair conducted this time largely at home in Europe instead of, as was the customary remit of these white and despicable barbarians, in the hapless Global South.


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