By Stanley Collymore
Brexit Britain is in serious
trouble, and of it’s own
lunatic and idiotically,
arrogant making! NO trade
deals yet and the country
has undeniably become
the harsh butt of cruel
but simply justifiable
jokes shared unlike
as is the situation
in Britain happily
across the rest
of a very aptly
elated world..
And as though that wasn’t
bad enough to add injury
and gross insult to a sick
Britain and equally its
Brexiteers woes, the
avariciously very wealthy
that mendaciously and
self-servingly conned
every single infernal
individual of you so
gullible and clearly
doltish imbeciles
into vacating the
European Union
while surreptitiously
retaining, all along,
their very own EU
passports, plus
attendant citizenship,
are very predictably
like the charlatans
they patently are,
and always will
be, uncaringly
scarpering a
sinking, and firmly
believed to be no
more a relevant
Britain, in their
actual droves.
(C) Stanley V. Collymore
4 September 2020.

Author's Remarks:
The old barbaric colonial order has, thankfully for Britain, been eroded; and at least in part among even the remaining and utterly self-serving aristocracy.

Leaving only a sick and sorry bunch of cap-doffing to their perceived social betters, verminously lowlife plebeian pillocks vainly, and quite asininely, trying to defend and retain the impossible!

Denial, delusion. stupidity, hatred

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