By Stanley Collymore
Love can be a blessing or a curse, as you can so easily find
yourself besotted with someone who says to you that for
them you’re the best thing that has ever happened to
them, the absolute person they’ve been waiting for
and who has finally and satisfactorily in every
conceivable manner entered their life, and moreover
how very fortunate and truly blessed they equally
are to have discovered not just someone like
you but also and much more importantly
that is essentially you to complement
the amazingly and encouragingly
magnificent way forward in
their joint existence with
you as man and wife.
Naturally you feel profoundly flattered by all this and
unsuspectingly believe their every word, blissfully
unaware that the flattering compliments they’re
giving and which you’re joyously receiving
are not effectively an outpouring of their
dedicated love for you but in actuality
is a Damocles Sword which they’re
wielding, a wily ploy being cynically used to gain
your confidence and trust, an absolute must for
them in order to attain their proper and thus
totally successful control physically but
just as fundamentally and much more
specifically their rather determined
and psychological hold over you.
For in reality they’re odious bastards and bitches that
you’re up against, in other words, inveterate scum;
charlatans every one of them: pretty vile persons
not possessed of or remotely capable of ever
acquiring any decency or morality and
with two primary goals foremost and
always in mind– first the heartless
possession of individual power
and influence by any means possible and then
having these quite massively supplemented
by their grasping and rather exploitative
covetousness, and second to that the
manifestly barbarous and sadistic
usurpation of what’s clearly not
theirs, but others they happily
and spitefully undermine,
disdainfully look down
on, doing so as it always happens
with the avid help of those like
you who’re foolish enough
to trust them and what is
more as the credulous
and entirely useful
idiots that you are
believe what they
tell you totally
mindful they
can always
© Stanley V. Collymore
26 September 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
This poem is dedicated unreservedly to the 130,00 Labour Party members and supporters who with the cynical, nepotistic, cronyism, self-serving, brazenly corrupt, public office malfeasance and manifestly illegal fig-leaf covering provided by England and Wales Appeals Court judiciary members, Blairite aficionadas, ingrained capitalists, inured Nazi Zionists and virulent anti-Jeremy Corbyn coup collaborators Philip Sales, Julia Wendy Macur and Jack Beatson authorized their likeminded scum companions in Labour’s NEC to purposely disenfranchise them from voting in the recently held and enforcedly run Labour leadership campaign.

Yet in doing so and in blatant breach of all civilized legal custom and contractual law irrationally holding on to these members membership fees, having retrogressively disqualified all of them from voting after the election process had actually begun and though they were expressly and unequivocally informed they would be able to participate in any leadership election contest when they joined the Labour Party, and having themselves done so before any such election had even got underway. And to add insult to injury the Appeals Court and the NEC between them condoning the use of these disabused members’ fees to fund the NEC’s dubious case in the Appeals Court having earlier lost their bid to do the same thing in the High Court.

Additionally it’s a thank you to all those who saw through this naked travesty of justice and in your massive numbers, despite massive vote rigging, purging and the wilful refusal by the NEC to send out ballots to people in areas they suspected the Labour members there would vote for Jeremy Corbyn, gave a resounding victory nevertheless and an increased mandate to a principled man who isn’t just the most popularly elected leader in the history of, most certainly British politics ever, but where we saw that even those who voted for the loser in this contest, Owen Smith outstripped by far the actual party membership of even the Tory Party as Jeremy Corbyn cleaned up in every respective category there was in this election. But you won’t find the rightwing media or our BBC reporting that. I wonder why? I ask myself quite cynically!


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Robert L. Martin
over 3 years

I believe this is in accordance to Christian thought. They try to cover up all the spitefulness that lies beneath, so they smile and say everything is wonderful. The world is wonderful. Little do they know that the people are conspiring to tear you down at the first sign of your vulnerability.


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