By Stanley Collymore
God! If I knew you were so hot I likely wouldn’t have spoken
to you in the first place and most likely as well would have been
too petrified to have you touch me. But having allowed both
of these things to happen, and bearing in mind what
subsequently occurred, I honestly don’t regret
for a single moment that I did. For you
certainly and most commandingly,
I’m happy to say, know exactly
how to make me feel that
extra special and what’s
more completely
irresistible as
a woman.
How did you manage it, would you care to tell? Doing so as
it happens without any prompting from me or queries on
your part as to what my innermost needs were, even to
the extent of deciphering and exploring my most
secretive sexual predilections. And boy did you
satisfy them all, and how; as well you know! As
likewise I’m sure you’re also fully aware that the
quite graphic recollections of your thoroughly
masculine, torrid and coital display, which
you so consummately and dexterously
executed and I for my part have in
the process most pleasurably
discharged in a powerful
tsunami of erotic responses,
still have me agog and
desirous for more
of the same.
Triggering, too, emboldeningly vivid and utterly gripping
remembrances that energetically unleash and sustainably
send incredibly, pleasurable shock waves of eroticism
through crucial areas of my body causing that entire
edifice to go into a violent quiver; uncontrollably
make me go totally weak at the knees; and in
a thrilling and reciprocal empathy with the
thoughts expressively surging through
my head in response to each fervid
reminiscence that lasciviously
assails it makes me want to
have you all the more.
In truth, though, I’m inwardly glad and deeply flattered
that you haven’t disclosed to me just how it was that
you successfully sussed me out and most crucially
discovered so accurately what it was that I
earnestly wanted you to do to me, as that most likely
would predictably have spoilt some of the amazing
fun which I’m unquestionably having by being
with you, although in no way, I hasten to
add and solemnly promise you, ever
likely to dampen the intensive
ardour and huge craving
that I have for you.
How thoughtful of you then, meticulously taking
into full consideration the various circumstances
we’re jointly and intimately cognisant of, to
mindfully stimulate and, prodigiously too,
enhance my insatiable hunger for you,
engendering in me my innermost
gratitude for everything you’re
brilliantly doing, with the
firm pledge never to
intentionally let
you down!
© Stanley V. Collymore
14 October 2013.

This poem was specifically composed and written with Jennifer W. of Newgate, London in mind in special commemoration of your recent birthday on the 11th October 2013, our quite auspicious first encounter with each other on the Blackfriars tube on the 20th March 1987 that culminated in a spontaneous but highly memorable trip to Reading later on that day complemented by 26 years of undiluted friendship and mutual respect for each other. Thanks for the memories and the compliments!

Love, life, enduring friendship

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