Conversations with Poets

inspired by "an inquisitive mind"

*when asked to describe Eve
she is not tied to any particular look or age
for it is the power of her passion to create
in its myriad of forms
which draws me in
and renders her beautiful beyond measure...
she knows
of light and shadows
a friend of Fibonacci’s golden ratio
able to see and feal
GODs fingerprints everywhere...
she is my Pythagorean muse
i can watch her all day and she i
both the learner
and the listener
unable to lie...
she is a friend to the invisible
able to create from the void
giving form
and substance
to the abstract...
she is fond of quiet times
enjoying my embrace
and the days
spent together
free of distractions...
she likes to listen to
and make music
while we create
the creations
worth creating...
she has a willd side
which i encourage
trying new things together
avoiding stagnation
and bringing growth...
she likes the open road
we go on many adventures
driving anywhere together
singing tunes
loving that i love Dylan...
she is comfortable gazing at the stars
laying on her back on top of my compass
going 50 on a country road wind in her hair
as the heavens above smile down on her
as if she were above them...
she is quirky
never failing to entertain
with her observations
her constant singing
and her ever changing look...
she even has fun visiting cemeteries
looking for unique headstones
and making rubbings
i don’t understand it but i enjoy escorting her
to and from the land of the dead...
she likes to walk bridges
tempting fate
and talking about
and everything...
she wants me but doesn’t need me
for anything but her friend and lover
I am her favorite subject
the poet muse
which makes it all the better...
she understands
that i was once a paycheck
until my heart
could no longer afford
the price of admission...
she wants me
and craves me.
for all the right reasons
and understands
my heart like no other...
she says she learns from me
though i dont understand how
someone so wise
is entertained
by my aversion to philosophy...
she laughs when I tell her half joking
that philosophy is a whore selling its wares
to anyone willing to pay its price
always ready to abandon
when we can no longer afford it...
she understands
my passion
and welcomes me
she looks at me mischievously when i tell her
that passion is a saint offering itself freely
never abandoning
and always willing and wanting
to charge into any situation for the chance to sing...
she smiles most silkily at this and says
come over here and prove it dear poet
sing me to sleep
for my flesh has been to long unattended
and needs to feel the fires again...

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Robert L. Martin
almost 5 years

Wow! What passion What language Beautiful

Patricia May Neiderer
about 7 years

ok, one line per graft,
the end is extra.........lost in the scent as the smelling dances
escorting beauty by the hand - buy the hand
because the tone is in the air
as the spider spins her web - her web
on a hill, the breeze wrapping you in my hair
four square is a partner dance
- a partner dance
the whirlpool of life is conquered by the fish
Dylan directing the wind beneath my toes
- my toes
a star is the smallest of light compared to you
with twelve legs, five on one side, one with out end - with out end
they understand me here,
cold and silent thou they be
the bubble gum stuck between finger and thumb - finger and thumb
i stumble on your toes while kissing them
the acid seeping from it's casing
- it's casing
arrhythmic patterns attuned by fork
the strong bones of which you stand
- you stand
never caught-ING the shadow
drawing up with a straw -slowly savoring
- slowly savoring
the song made whole with salt
kindle the blue as it is a part of red
- a part of red
as i make my bed

Cory Garcia
about 7 years


Olga Gavrilovskiy
about 7 years

A tantalizing portrait of a woman :-)

Cory Garcia
about 7 years

thanks brother :)

Cory Garcia
about 7 years

Thank you sister poet :)

Amanda C
about 7 years

incredibly deep and enthralling! love it

james matthew coleman
about 7 years

Very deep... very.

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