My Hearts Song Recited

Late fall, on a country road too seldom travelled
An old man in his late 80's sits alone on his front porch.
His only companion a journal his great grandson gave him.
“The BOY” had come by that morning to say goodbye.
One last hug and handshake before heading back to college.
“Smart Aleck probably thinks I’ll die before he comes this way again”
The old man thought to himself with a chuckle.
Opening the journal for the first time… It’s inside cover reads
"Cause Grandpa STILL tells the best stories…"
He smiles at the reading
A twinkle in his eyes
Wondering what story he should BEGIN the journal with
His soul suddenly answers…
His tired eyes wet as his heart reminisces
About the one who helped him BEGIN IT ALL
And the times that they spent together
Putting pen to page he gets lost in his own recollection.
The Beginning…
I share with you an open soul
And shed a tear for days of old
In their divers unresting ways they hold
The beginning of the whole
Thirteen years ago I lost my wife, my only friend and companion.
She was my life… My love…
I met her when we were both young, just kids really.
She was so beautiful, like a dream enslaved by a kiss, truly lovely.
She had a smile that could warm any heart
And eyes that set peace within my soul.
But there was a sadness in her beauty.
Her parents has passed years prior leaving her alone
And not of much means, and they being her only relatives left not a single friendly soul… 'Cept one.
I can recall one certain night, as we watched the stars fall from the sky.
She gave me a smile, you know…
The kind one uses to cover a broken heart…
And for the first time I noticed the emptiness deep inside her
And it hit me. The single most important thought I ever had…
A woman and a man…Open and vulnerable to each other… No games… No lies…
Just truth… Just love
In that moment I made my mind up to let her know how I felt and
How I still feel to this day.
So that very evening after I took her home I wrote her this poem…
"My Hearts Song Recited"
The moon and stars in vast sky united
All the earth beneath them lighted
Captivated in our moment the heavens delighted
Your eyes giving birth to a love requited
For in your eyes GODS grace displayed
In all its splendor fully arrayed
All that creation would serenade
And beckon its children to crusade
Across barren land or angry sea
By hoof by wing or bended knee
In pursuit of knowledge and eternity
Found in your eyes like sunrise waking new life in me
Eden… The Garden… found as night gave way to dawn
Intoxicated by what I saw my eyes did feast upon
Your loving cup those lips like wine the sine qua non
Of paradise renewed where one might drink love itself
Becoming its Adon.
Not long after we were married.
We spent many a moonlight dancing and singing songs of love.
We reveled in a world of beauty… the sun, the moon, the stars.
My wife was indeed compassion captured in sweet caress,
Like the gift of a single rose…
But now I’m by myself and all alone.
Yet I smile because I know
Not even fate can keep us apart…
This dance we share will never fade away…

Wanted to try my hand at telling a story...
Included a poem)

Hope you like them both

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Cory Garcia
about 6 years

Thanks sister poet. I will :)

Debra Romero
about 6 years

Very, very good loved them both! You should try this again if you already haven't...debs~

over 7 years

Aw- thank you for the encouragement!

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

dear one your voice is amazing and you can take whatever life brings your way... keep that passion of yours alive... the world would be less without your voice :)GLYASDI-c

over 7 years

Haha thanks for remembering me!
I've been taking a break/recovering from writing poetry :PSomething happened last month, and to my surprise it hit me a little hard in wanting to continue writing- i'm not making sense, but hah- i'm still reading poems here and there to find inspiration to write again :PHope all is going great :]

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

Thank you :)
I missed you. Hope all is well :)

over 7 years

Still loving it, sir !

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

You are amazing and far from a noob... I loved it!My advice keep singing... you are really good and worth all the time and effort you are willing to give yourself... thats it really... what are you worth to you...For inspiration, support, and growth nothing beats reading as many poems as you can and the discourse you have with others...My selfish request would be that whatever you write and whatever mood you are conveying... do it with passion!!!

over 7 years

Thank you! I am still a noob in poetry. I am opened to any kind of feedback (FYI :] ) I'm glad you liked it, thanks for viewing my work piece :)

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

BTW - I am not sure of the protocol here but... I bow to thee as well! ;)

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

Thank you brother :)You know me... ever about the PASSION...

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

Dear lord help me lol ;)Thank you sister poet... I love your work as well... sweetly passionate... I lost myself in "Wish You Were Here"... I am still recovering...Your kind words and the imagery made my day :)

roy  k  austin
over 7 years

yes cory-it reads like prose until you break into metre. sense the tragic here..hope it is a creation and not a bio. roy

over 7 years

I bow to thee !

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

Thank you brother! Glad I was able to pull it off :)Its always nice when we are able to enlist just the right words

Richard Walker
over 7 years

I do like them both and in this presentation style so very much...

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

Right On, Write On!
Was really good. Will do - we all learn from each other here :)

Mr. Mays '90
over 7 years

That was nice. I'm almost new at this poetry, but someone like you could be a good mentor. I've seen that you looked at some of my poems or one. Follow me and add me as a friend.

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

:) thanks! I'm a sucker for such stories. Glad I was able to pull off the hinting of one

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

Thanks brother!

Amber M. Royse
over 7 years

a story of an ever lasting love, to his grandson , amazingly told ! Very sweet!

Danny MF'n Stone
over 7 years

Wow, nice.

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