Arise my love my fair one
It is the dawning of a new day
Come take my hand
Join me as we walk barefoot
Down the path only we know
Alone together
Let us quietly
Slip through this day
Ignoring the buzz of people
Stripping away all distractions
Come let us hide away in your garden
The gateway to heaven
Behind the veil
Where only angels dwell
Let us embrace this moment with silence
Our souls through eyes revealed
Let our mouths pay tribute with more than words
To a love sweeter than any wine
How much better to kiss those lips
Than utter the slightest sound
And if we are to speak then let us speak in tongues
My very words sliding over your lips and teeth
To the heart of you
Hold tight to this moment
Never letting it go
For your voice is sweet
And the time for singing has come

Started one poem... but as I was writing I was reminiscent and started another... then while writing the second I was feeling rather passionate and my words thus affected betrayed my goal and decided to tell their own story...

Unruly things words... best sometimes to see where they will take you...

2 stories here 1 allegorical

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My New Life
2 months

This is inspiring. Beautifully written Cory. The unruly words actually bring it together somehow.

Angel Lady (Sandi Guidotti)
over 5 years

You are welcome. Haven't been on this site very much as of late, but I will be now so I'll make sure and read some more of your work. Sandi.

Cory Garcia
over 5 years

Thank you dear one

Angel Lady (Sandi Guidotti)
over 5 years

Loved this. It must be great to put your words down and let them take on their own lives. Only you could do this so well. Beautiful Corey. Sandi.

Cory Garcia
over 5 years

Thank you

over 5 years


Olga Gavrilovskiy
almost 7 years

This words...only music...sweet...

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