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time stretched
spread thin
numbing resolution
desperate to feel
but the ticking away
of moments
from a heart
yearning to dance
to howl at the moon
as it sets the world on fire
to revel
in the ashes
of nothingness
one last time...

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Cory Garcia
presque 4 ans


Geek Poet
presque 4 ans

The heart is a pump
The heart is a metaphor
Yet once believed to hold passion
And the carrier of the soul
Our soul is a neural artifact
Wherein consciousness emanates
Self awareness borne of probability
The neural universe of each life
Our abstract realm
Reduced to quantum probability
That hyper dimensional cosmos
Within most complex machine ever derived
The awesome beauty of our minds

Patricia May Neiderer
plus de 5 ans

:) exchange is a bowl of fruit on a hot day

Cory Garcia
plus de 5 ans

Love this! Such a wonderful mind!!!

Cory Garcia
plus de 5 ans

Lol! :) Thanks I needed that... 5 stages?This one was about a lady going through chemotherapy and being burned from the inside out... wanting desperately to experience the end on her own terms :)

plus de 5 ans

1st stage....Disbelief

Patricia May Neiderer
plus de 5 ans

i think you are my long lost twin. ;)as i place my hand in yours
and we manipulate
the dance floor
at the museum
the people stop
to examine the
little ballerina in pink
as you whirl me around
and we trip on the
fossil of love
rolling head long
up the steeps- at the alps
at castle Carra
someone is visiting
a dead child
musing what could
have been
hiding in the bushes
did it think i was food

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