So here we are again
Just the two of us here in the dark
So many questions yet to be answered
So many dreams not yet fulfilled
I cannot sleep and I seek comfort in your song
I sing to you with mind and spirit
And a joyful beat of a heart
Filled with love for you
If only my other senses could grasp
That feeling dwelling within
To experience
What escapes me
This world that I cannot quite see
This world that you guide me through just the same
I still myself
Straining to hear your voice
Through the drumming of this mortal plane
But a whisper
But a whisper
And still
You sing to me though I do not hear
I love you too Lord

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Cory Garcia
Environ 6 ans

We must all embrace our roles as both the poet and the muse... keep on singing sister poet :)

Debra Romero
Environ 6 ans

I can't say enough about how I love this piece. It has to be my favorite by you so far Cory. It touches my heart. So many things to relate to..thanks for sharing

Cory Garcia
plus de 6 ans

Thank you :)

plus de 6 ans

Nice Cory,that was simple enough for me to grasp.

Cory Garcia
plus de 6 ans

He seeks
with us all
in some form
or shape
of things to come

Patricia May Neiderer
plus de 6 ans

how is it that
He can have all He wants
and some don't have any
-it's like me breed dogs, to get
that right one......

Cory Garcia
presque 7 ans

Thanks Quil!

presque 7 ans


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