You can get the girl
without keeping the girl.
If you want a lesson on impermanence & non-attachment
and how to enjoy life’s momentariness,
I’m your girl.
I want you to experience your dreams
before they become reality.
I want you to feel your fears
while you’re conquering.
I want you to pursue what makes you come alive,
because you still have life.
I want you to find your medicine:
for what helps you heal in this world
is what helps heal the world.
I want you to free yourself
from opinions, expectations, results, & attachments.
I want you to not hold onto what I want.
Because I want an independent love
that values interdependence.
No codependency allowed.
A breeze atop the mountain
rinsing you of insecurity and doubt
reminding you of your strength and power
a brief moment in time
not to be forgotten or coveted
but remembered when
the mind shields off your heart from hope.
This is just the beginning of the end
seeking truth.
Are you ready to let go?
Cause this bird discovered her wings and leaped.


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Robert L. Martin
almost 5 years

nice poem

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