For Libby Prink

Your expressions flow down in a way that connects everything.
Curiosity & apathy, love & hate;
this existence of ours has the capacity to elevate
and the ability to devastate.
Extreme sensitivity is an indigo child’s strength;
born with the ability to feel what others push away,
what they hide with their many ways of escape.
We try to escape, but that’s not our fate.
We are meant to affect change:
The kind that transforms everything.
A new value system reviving within all the ability to think,
not with the head because current circumstances prove it just gets in the way
of our true essence, what our hearts have to say.
An overwhelming task, to say the least,
but you’re not alone in fighting this beast.
Love, Unity, & Integrity:
that’s what we want others to see.
Not allowing pain to drown out clarity
as we fight and fight against a tumultuous sea
thriving off of denial of oneself & apathy.
“Why has this daunting task been given to me?”
We ask over & over as we cry despairingly,
cutting ourselves open to watch the life-force bleed
from our fragile yet ever-resistant bodies,
symbolizing our ever-needed ability
to feel what others can’t even see
and share these truths to create a new reality
for them, for the world, for ourselves...
If only we survive what our intellect continues to sell:
a prison in our mind, our own personal hell.


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Cory Garcia
over 6 years



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