You drag me into a dance floor
Surrounded by bitchs and man whores
Girls staying back
Steering at me like IV just fucked their dads
All cause you arseholes include me in everything
And it’s another year 5 next month from the day we met
And you pinky promise me its you and me
And you tell me to follow you home but dude I gotta go
And my cousin he’s your besto has no cash and I can’t leave him alone
So I get my shit to go
Finally the girls make me feel like I’d been one of them all night
Even though they made me feel like baby left in the corner asking are you alright?
And me and him are going and you are walkin us out while he’s hugging people goodbye you are grabbing my arse through the club now
And we get outside and you lean in
Just as he appears asking you
Reece what you doing here
We bus it back and I get changed heading back to Jamie’s with you two dopes
To get pizza and so you two can smoke
But Jamie tells us to go home
He leaves us alone
We kiss
Grabbing at each other through my hall door
Me saying it’s not right
You saying lie on the floor
And while iv waited five years to be noticed or heard
You Lying on top of me
Is the last straw it’s not something I deserved
And I tell you we can fuck when your sober
And you tell me I promised you but dude iv wanted this for longer
And you tell me to trust you
Yet you don’t see
You are the one so clearly untrusting of me
You say use you but I won’t do that
You seem angry and pissed
When you leave to go
But abstract is your mind tonight
And you don’t even know
Why did you miss me three long years ago
Where the fuck did that Reece go

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