Hopeless dreams
All shattered
From the moment it pasted
Nothing mattered
And I swear to god I felt my heart patter
At the idea that either of us in this world mattered
I can’t believe how broken we have become
I guess those chances won’t ever come
And all I’m thinking is which one is gonna go first
I’ll be your shadow into death if this shit happens
I’m missing more then I’m enjoying
Living life? How can anyone claim to do it
When this life I’m fucking through with it
I swore I’d always be yours
I broke that promise and I wish the day never comes
When we find out all our dark fucked up secrets
how fucked up can we keep this
How can I stay alone every night knowing
Your in a cold cell blood still flowing
And I wanna cut my wrists until all I see is red
I wish you where here dying with me in this bed
I wanna speak the words instead this swollen head
But I’m past the point of talking down
This shit It’s gone to far now.
I don’t think I can make it out
Your the one in prison but I’m the one locked up
I’m a prisoner in this stupid place when I know soon I need to see your face

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