Wanna use my voice for anarchy
self proclaimed “prophet” in this prophecy
yet youll be drifting away always leading me
claiming your sane in your own insanity
Oh darling
i’ll sing it to the roof tops
i’ll say it until this heart stops!
I’m just another ghost no aim in life
i’v got a choice!
but i can’t see it,
this paths are winding
this lifes are binded
and i just wanna be myself in this tragedy
I know there is a way
yet i cant find it!
No sense of direction
yet im trying
and you’ll just stand and steer
wondering why i’m always here.
And no i’m not so full of luck
and no i wish i didnt see the things that suck
and oh i know i always talk about unpleasent stuff
but its so i can weight on how i don’t give a fuck!
Cause we are all ghost,
we are all hopeless voices,
so little choices...
in this our faith thats faithed
lifes so wasted
and you claim i need to sing of happy things
well i used to
when you gave my ego a bust though
no you cant even look at me
Sing a song of happy things
when all i am is left overs it seems?
Tell you about the dreams?
I once had.... long dead.
so no I won’t use a voice i had i’v grown more then you know
so instead i’ll tell you now how its gonna go...
With you always walking away, letting the curtains close.
Tell me your truths and i’ll what? tell the world lies
how i’m in love with someone gonna get charged with assisted suicide?
Oh no not having happy thoughts, better cuddle a puppy eat some candyfloss.

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Alexis Faye
over 5 years

Thanks cory, i thought it was very songish myself but i can't sing at all =P

Cory Garcia
over 5 years

Masterful! This would be perfect set to proto punk :)

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