Ray day

I don’t wanna end up another statistic,
Ending up face up in the river distract.
All cause I cant take a hit,
Don’t do this dramatic bullshit.
Hearts can be broken....
seems faces can too,
you face will heal fine...
this heart will always be stone cold blue.
Yet I cant let go of you.
I know you set my heart soul free, its true.
But my brain needs to step up and take control,
You will forever have this twins soul.
So what do i do?
How can you leave me not knowing how if it was even true.
What did i do?
To cause such a horrific change in you.
When our eyes first meet I got butterflies,
I knew love when I looked in those cool blue eyes,
and you are the one I love but also the one I fear.
I know I can never have you near!
Cause just one look at your face and my heart will restart beating,
If I see you with another I cant help feel they where worth your demons defeating.
I thought I was your one, Your women.
I thought we’d have three kids, yet we have none.
And know your gone,
How could I be so wrong.
To still feel so pulled in,
magnetic attraction to the worse thing.
The person who loved me so much he filled me up fully,
only to cut me down so roughly.
I feel so down right and destroyed.
No love left here no joy.
I counted up the painkillers to kill me but found the number was crazy and would take too long!
Is it mental this is my fucked up version of a love song?
You used to make me sing out songs like a Disney princess,
Know I sound like a broken women at best.
How could this go so wrong?
What have you done....
I’ve waited so long,
still left waiting for this world to be gone.

Seriously cant get away from the feeling of needing this guy =[ hurts so much not even having him ask someone to tell me hes sorry, no letters no nothing and the worse thing in the world is i know he has no phone but if he had i think id text it. And i dont wnana see him around cause i love him so much i'd refall and end up dead or itd be worse again if he was with someone else after he made me feel so much like this was true love.

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