If I could speak
To the image people see of me
I’d tell her to not care
Never change
For the face she shows to the world
The cocky face
The resting bitch face
Emotionally withdrawn
And down right cunty
I’d tell her to keep up the mask of society standards
To keep shaking her hips as she walks
Head held high
Laughing it all off with a flick of her hair
And a grey eyed steer
Cause that face
That person
That alien
That takes over me
When I can’t even breath
When internally my minds screaming at me
Is the image I can’t face in a mirror
An image I can’t place when someone takes a photo of me
An image I make up
Like a child imagining a better time
And I hate that face
The face I wear
But not more than the one under the masked shallow attempt at fitting it
Not the one that shows bags under my eyes after iv had an anxiety attack
Brought on by a job iv given up on
Not the flabby bits of my body iv tried to starve off me at times
But thought made me feel real and alive
You can’t see the blood shot eyes
And lipstick stained lips
Eyeliner panda eyes just play up the masked trick
Making me look more hungover
Than emotion unstable
Like I’m even able
To keep my mind ticking
It’s tricky
How a mask is what we use to hide
But I find
It’s all I have to use to express myself

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