Only bitchs
snitch to others
pretending they know secerets from their sadistic lovers
wat do you do when youre under covers
lying about people cause you dont have any form of tripe
to think I realy trusted you chicks from 14-25 years of my life
when it come clean when will you see
dragging me through muck doesnt wash away your own sins
dragging me threw shit
that im to adult to drag others in.
SO what you dot like me
cause i stand up and said he aint work your life?
cause i question of hes snorting shit am i right?
so you hold up and bring our other mates in
i change the subject telling you other things.
Trying to be you mate yet again
maybe i should just be like you bitchs and pretend.
You go on for days with no words
then the first of you tries to be heard
saying i dragged her into my shit
funny how i never mentioned her or the other one in it?
Funny how you all play wifey
living the tallaght momma dreams
while im still fighting.
Guess the marks on my legs that you all bitched about wasnt enough pain to see me go through
dont worry darling the others know the truth
so keep on crawling on all fours
like the cave woman you are
im out girls
im a women
you’ll get there one day right now its still to far.
you’ll get there one day
and might even see
we are rare
friends like me

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