I'm not a mans little toy

Love me or hate me,
You don’t gotta date me.
I hate that you’re playing these games...
But state you don’t play me, I guess we don’t think the same.
You say you hate the people who claim me, yet you still blame me, always slut shame me.
You can’t even see, its not about you, its about saving me.
So just let me breath, go walk away.
Cause i’m done, do as I say.
Go get over me, cause your blind to the truth you can’t see.
I ain’t no fuck boys wet dream.
Keep on pulling me in when you don’t pull at all.
Trying to make it out, i’m the only girl that could...
maybe save your sorry self from the shit that you’re going through.
Making out “ Dani, there’s no one else but you”
Cause we fight like cats and dog, and you say i put you in your place.
(What?Like a female hyena, claiming dominance.)
But guess what? This crappy bullshit is leaving me with a bitter taste!
Just get outta my face, have you heard of personal space?
My minds so fucked up now, like a Harley Quinn doll.
Watch the pieces fall.
The mind set i’m in, there aren’t no winning.
Rays still in jail.
This is my living hell.
He’s my joker we know it well.
I’m feeling nothing, but numb lets be honest my minds come undone.
I’m oh so fucking done, this was never fun.
So no I won’t be your second best, don’t you put this to the test.
You’re just making a giant mess!
You know you cannot win.
My life so full up with my eternal sins.
So you can bitch and bite back all you like, you ain’t staying the night.
At least I backed with Ray in the fight, hoping somehow we’d be alright.
You say he is no good, but i’ve always known that.
He’s my own alley cat.
Given a chance i’d pick him here with me.
Cause its clear, cant you see through the fog of jealousy.
I’m not you fall back on chick, no not a drunker whore.
You know you gotta go, you’re making my head sore.
You cheated on your ex! If only i kept the texts.
Maybe you’d stop dramatically showing regret of finally finishing it.
Can she see your snapchat?
Where you’re being your fuck boy self?
Oh she’s gone oh well!
I’m not your back up woe.
So darling off you go!
I’d rather wait, on my undecided faith.
Than pick a lying little prick like you, this is me telling you again we ain’t nothing but friends, there is nothing to end.
But make myself clear,
i’m not picking the arsehole who dropped me in murder bullshit.
I’ve had enough of it!
I’m through picking men,
instead i pick myself.
I’m a big girl and I know well,
i’m better then this dolls shell.
That you two cunts have made me to be, i’v numbed too much to feel.
Like im under your feet, no i’m not a piece of meat!
I’m done being that pretty piece of me, the one men seem to see.
Don’t even look at me, so done... with this stupid male democracy.

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presque 4 ans

Whew!!! :)

Dani Davis
Dani Davis
presque 4 ans

I'm glad you like it thank you for the comment

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