In grade-school,
I was told about Two Planets
That collided,
out in Nothingness.
They said, “That is the reason
that everything is here.”
Now they’ve changed their minds
and I don’t know who to trust.
Each and every theorem
is often presented as a fact
Then they explain those away
with great care.
But there seem to be a problem
that equations never solve.
How did that Something
get there?
“Big Bang”
needed Something to explode
And if Two Collided.
Where came the wayward pair?
Even if they prove
Whatever the Something was
That still doesn’t answer.
“How did ”Something" get there?”
If you don’t mind
I have a theory of my own,
It’s not a theorem,
‘cause I cannot prove it’s so.
I think that God
Put that “Something” in the darkness
And when it went bang,
Well, I guess, the rest we know.
D. Thurmond/JEF

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