Visiting Grandma's Farm


Calling out to Grandma,
As I arrive at the farm,
She’s not out front, or in the shed.
She might be in the barn(?).
I moseyed out to the back,
Past the rickety tool shed,
There’s chickens hanging in a row,
I do believe they’re dead.
Oh boy, fried chicken,
Green beans and maybe corn!
It’s days like this I’m loving’ life,
And glade that I was born.
Here comes Granny with a hug,
She smiles and says, “Go slop the hogs.”
Next I’m milking her cow, Bertie
Then I’m splitting logs.
Days go quick on Granny’s farm,
There’s work here, aplenty.
“Idle hands are the Devil’s work”,
Says Reverend Rick McKinney.
The Sun goes down, the table’s set,
And we’re all washed and squeaky clean;
Biscuits and gravy, corn on the cob,
And Granny’s Chicken make the scene.
The family seats themselves
And waits for Granny to do the same,
She brings the bread, we bow our heads,
And give thanks in Jesus name.
After dinner it’s T.V. Time,
Some Apple Pie and iced tea.
Granny loves Lawrence Welk,
So —- guess what show we see.
He says, “Ah One, and ah two, and ah three...”
D. Thurmond


Just a day in the life on grandma's farm.

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