Inked Veins

There is ink in my veins instead of blood.
Everyone and everything
around me disappears,
all except for the music playing in the back.
Grounded by the most high,
always expressing my gratitude
and remaining humble for blessing me with this extraordinary gift.
A gift to create.
To gracefully paint within the minds
and hearts of human beings. Taking the time
to restore shattered faith, to simply put a smile on one’s face or to just mend a broken heart.
My paint brush is my pen
and the words that are flowing from my lips.
Painting sorrow, happiness, inspiration... love.
I willingly display myself on canvas,
Aware that I am showing my scars, my imperfections, my pain..
But I never do it in vain.
It is an outlet that no one can ever take from me because it is who I am and what I am.
It is my way of being free.

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