My Sunshine


All of the words in this world
will never truly define how much you mean to me.
My heart beams with joy
every time I think about how much of a blessing you are to me and everyone you meet.
You are a woman of distinction
and one of the most beautiful souls
I will ever have the pleasure of knowing.
You are my light and You are the sun,
Brightening anyone’s day and never failing to put a smile on anyone’s face.
God himself took his time in creating you,
and blessing the lives you’ve touched.
The love and the appreciation that I have for you are immeasurable.
I give thanks everyday to the God
that has blessed me with such an incredible grandmother.
More importantly,
I thank him for blessing you
to see another year on this earth.
An amazing woman like you to see 60 years is commendable.
There are just no perfect words...
I love you
Happy birthday Nanna.

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