Beautiful to the eye
but dangerous to the touch.
Used for love,
Used for the celebration of a life
that has been set free.
The rose is symbolic for love,
And also used for a death.
A beautiful death.
To be set free from this world
is what’s beautiful.
You look at all the people who have gone.
Even if it was because of a tragic,
horrifying, and an unjust death,
they no longer have to suffer.
Life may be sad,
but it is always beautiful...
Just like a rose.
The rose is delicate and fragile,
like life itself.
So make tomorrow bring
everything you desire,
let your drive and ambition
offer you new visions
And may gut instincts help you
make good decisions.
The sight of a rose
brings us to the idea of love.
The most important thing
we need in this world that we live in
is called love.
“Only one thing matters
and that is happiness
and the only way you will get to happiness
is love. Real, true, genuine love.”
And this touches my heart
down to the depths of my soul
because no matter
how much hatred there is in this world,
there will always be love.
Through the edges of desire,
we desire love.
We are the rose and love is the water.
Once we receive the water,
we will continue to grow beautifully...
Just like the rose.


"You have to be able to love when everything and everybody is hatred"
- Quentin Joseph

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