For my love...

You gleamed so bright that some turned away.
Smiling while seeing your soul shine
never fails to make my day.
Oh beautiful soul,
how you beam brighter than any moon.
Sweet, sweet divine soul,
you glow brighter than any
and all of our galaxies combined.
The sun is a star at the center of the Solar System,
while you remain at the center of my heart.
I gaze at you in such astonishment
while I continue to witness your light shine a
more brilliant light than ever before.
I recall a time
to when you illuminated the way to my heart
that was once lost,
but is now found.
You found me when
I didn’t want to find myself.
I was very much intensely drowning in my own sadness,
mourning and grieving the loss of an old love,
until I saw your replenishing light.
I began to hear the sound of my own beating heart.
I don’t have to fight anymore.
You’ve silenced all of the deafening,
doubtful voices that once resided in my head.
You have become my balance.
You have become the music that makes me smile a thousand smiles.
You are the sun that radiates
my heart and makes me feel whole again...

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