I write for love,
She is my confession, 
My inner thought, my secret obsession.
That little part that no one knows,
That itty bitty bit that never shows.
My friend, my mirror,
For once it’s crystal clear.
When Im dark,
She’s my light, 
My spark, 
My flame to ignite.
For her,
One single tear, 
I fear, 
It’s not enough to bring her here.
From these eyes let me pour the rivers of this earth,
Still won’t come close to her value and worth.
Let me travel to the end of the sea,
Then possibly, 
Just maybe, 
She will find me.
Deep with in,
She’s tucked away,
With her I win, 
That special spot to stay.
With her,
I confide, 
I rely,
Impress... for once I don’t have to try.
I was once naive and blind,
With her comfort and care,
I relax, I finally unwind.
She has always been my home,
No matter what,
With her, I’m never alone,
With her... only with her.
I write about love,
For once... for her.
Without a care,
Oblivious and unaware.
This gift of love I give,
Was once received,
Was once already given.


My high school crush, keep in great contact. She's married now. Thought I run this one by y'all. She's a big poet fanatic that analyzes all my work. Don't think I should let her see this one.

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Danny MF'n Stone
about 6 years

I hope she likes it!

Amanda Laughman
about 6 years

love it. Good as always.

Danny MF'n Stone
about 6 years

Haha, thanks. I'll send it.

james matthew coleman
about 6 years

Of course she should see, it's hers :)

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