Born in St. Louis, Missouri to Peggy Ann Mays and Ronald Higgins Sr., the 4th child they help bring into the world. Life and everything that contributed to Dornail being the person he is today-good or bad is a testament to his uneasy upbringing in North St. Louis. Dornail's passion for Poetry & Composition writing started it's embryo stage with his aspiration for being a famous Rapper. He and two cousins started a Rap group, and by the age of 15, they had built a studio in the basement. On May 2nd 2008, one of the building blocks for their foundation had fallen, Henry L. King Jr. A.K.A "Bubby" had died in a car crash, he was 11 days away from turning 18-years-old. When Bubby died-Dornail lost interest in being a famous rapper-yet was higly eager to be as versatile in different areas of writing as he was in Rap. His first poem was in 2010 titled "Looking 4 Love". Presently-with his ambition and patience the future looks bright and promising for the young neighborhood Prophet.

Love, Hate, Light, Dark, Honest, Real, Raw