A special poem to my deceased sister Annya Duncan

Annya I must write again
About the memory you left your friends
They go on day by day
Some remember
Can’t forget your name
Annya I know you look on
With loving eyes on everyone
You left a plot to success
If they follow it step by step
Annya they have no clue
How to read it without you
I’m clueless what to say
I could never do it your way
Annya can’t you come back
Maybe God will allow that
Dear Lord Jesus how can this be
My sister has been taken from me
Father God I still must ask
Couldn’t I get just one more glance
Dear Lord Jesus comfort those
With broken hearts and shattered thoughts
Father God show to them
She’s safe with you her special friend
As for me I’m in a trance
Can’t believe I still can’t dance
Until this day I can’t move on
Though I admit it to no one
As for me dear Lord God
Help the tears still holding on
Until this day they’re in my eyes
If they fall it would be a surprise
As for me Lord remove hate
Let not anger seal my faith
Mr Jesus I hold on
Knowing you still stand strong
Let it not be true what they say
Bless my family in a very special way
Give us the peace that you preach on
Makes us strong each day we go on


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