O sins of secrets and smiling girth,
you raked the dirt with your lies on earth
You shadowed the mountains and birthing hills,
lighting the night with your painful quill
You impregnated my mind with fallowed dreams,
ripping my heart from it’s vessels and seams
You danced a dirge and writ a song,
with lyrics of duplicity, so rightfully wrong!


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Debra Romero
about 7 years

Thank you so much for reading.

Cory Garcia
about 7 years

Love the line below Jame's favYou are very good at describing emotions...the thought
is placed
the mindthe souls soil
making fertile
the bodyemotions floodgate
its waters
as passions flames
are skillfully stokedso that in the end
when they meet
and the smoke clears
the reader can feel
the writers painresulting from desires
left wanting
left waiting
remaining forever
unfulfilledVery cool :)

Debra Romero
about 7 years

Thank you so much for reading and commenting this one came straight from my heart of pain.
Still trying to figure this site out lol..

james matthew coleman
about 7 years

".... so rightfully wrong!", it's so true. My favorite line: - "...lighting the night with your painful quill"great.

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