I hear the melody of midnight,
and the song of the whippoorwill
I pray for you my sweet darling,
as the silence of night stands still
My tears flow an ebbing stream
With each drop come cinders of pain
In aerial clouds I send to you,
my undying love unfeigned
Above the eons of the moon and stars,
where dreams and wishes come true
Forever will forever be eternity
Your eyes will no longer be blue
Be it now hidden in the morning sun,
where memories of you for me lie
Your only now but a soft memory,
and bitter sweet tears for you I cry


This poem was written for a friend that was passing away with cancer. Thank you for reading debs~

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Angel Lady (Sandi Guidotti)
over 6 years

What a very beautiful poem for your Dear friend. Hopefully one day we will not have to write of the cancer that takes so many from us. A battle one day that will be won. Until then we unfortunately can only give our love to those who are dear to us. God Bless. Sandi

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