“We’re collections of atoms
You and I”.
Atoms that fall like rain,
Upon the mind.
Soft and furious,
Infinitesimal time.
Longing to come together,
Yet falling apart.
Your atoms
Are tiny hooks
On my heart,
Gnawing, scratching,
Tugging at hidden strings,
Ringing my pearls of emotion.
Your atoms are the bomb,
That explode,
As you hold the detonator
For mine.
My heart is a casket,
Full of memories,
Dispersed back
Into nothingness.
I struggle
To find
The right words,
Words falling
Through my mouth,
Like the ashes
Of the dead.
I tremble to hold my heart,
My hands burn,
With searing pain
Holding love, unbearable.
My pockets are heavy
With your atoms,
Turning into stone,
Drowning me
Into the river of reveries,
My atoms bombarding in yours.

Influenced by the movies Chemical Hearts and I Origins and by the poet Sabrina Benaim annd writer Virginia Woolf

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