Each night
He comes across her mind
With cold hands
She covers her face
And drops a couple
Of soft warm tears
Each day
She tries to forget
The part where he left
And he is never coming back
So unfair
And seriously really hard to bare
Each morning
She wakes up thinking
It’s a new day, new beginning
But halfway through the day
She looks back to find
She can’t hide
Each sunrise
Brings her hope
That things will change
And the love
She carries
Will soon enough fade
Each sunset
Reminds her of dark cold nights
When she missed him
When she covered her face
With two cold hands
And shed a river of pain

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casi 4 años

Lovely poem, yet bittersweet! Sad and yet hopeful. Good job Diana...

No need to cover your face with two cold hands, I hope!

casi 4 años

Thank you for those kind words.

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