I get an email every day
from a man I don’t know
and doesn’t know me.
Many people receive
blind copies of his emails.
We’re members of his army
of undisclosed recipients.
Too long a story as to how
I got on his list of readers
and I don’t have the heart
to ask him to remove me.
Sometimes he says things
no one else would say
to strangers, family or friends,
a peek into humanity
through a different prism.
Today his email was short:
His wife’s surgery went well.
The doctor removed her ovaries,
tubes, uterus and tumors.
To the best of his knowledge,
no cancer was found but
there are no lab results yet.
His wife is exhausted, he said,
and planning to get some sleep.
He asked friends not to call
or visit today so she can
rest up but it would be okay
to call or drop by tomorrow.
Could be his wife will be
up and around by then.
Donal Mahoney

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