Don’t want medals on my breast,
   Don’t want all the glory,
I’m not worrying greatly lest
   The world won’t hear my story.
A chance to dream beside a stream
   Where fish are biting free;
A day or two, 'neath skies of blue,
   Is joy enough for me.
I do not ask a hoard of gold,
   Nor treasures rich and rare;
I don’t want all the joys to hold;
   I only want a share.
Just now and then, away from men
   And all their haunts of pride,
If I can steal, with rod and reel,
   I will be satisfied.
I’ll gladly work my way through life;
   I would not always play;
I only ask to quit the strife
   For an occasional day.
If I can sneak from toil a week
   To chum with stream and tree,
I’ll fish away and smiling say
   That life’s been good to me.

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