Rearrange a 'Wife’s’ affection!

Rearrange a 'Wife’s’ affection!
When they dislocate my Brain!
Amputate my freckled Bosom!
Make me bearded like a man!
Blush, my spirit, in thy Fastness -
Blush, my unacknowledged clay -
Seven years of troth have taught thee
More than Wifehood every may!
Love that never leaped its socket -
Trust entrenched in narrow pain -
Constancy thro’ fire–  awarded –
Anguish -  bare of anodyne!
Burden–  borne so far triumphant –
None suspect me of the crown,
For I wear the 'Thorns’ till Sunset -
Then -  my Diadem put on.
Big my Secret but it’s bandaged -
It will never get away
Till the Day its Weary Keeper
Leads it through the Grave to thee.
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