I've always put my deepest thoughts into poetry.  If it wasn't written down, I did it in my mind.  A profound line that sticks with you and reminds you of lessons learned and emotions felt.  I had the misfortune of being in a domestically violent relationship in my early 20's and to heal I used it as my muse for my poetry.  I now use poetry to heal, grow and evolve.  I'm very right-brained and use it as my creative outlet to maintain balance in my life.  I write mostly about love lost as that is what gets me to my core.  It  humbles me and reminds me how much I love giving and receiving love.  I know many can relate to a broken heart and that is what connects us.  If anyone reads my poetry, whether about heartache or abuse and relates to it, that means we've made a connection.  We've bonded and are reminded that we are not alone.  If I can do that to just one person with my poetry, then I feel I've made the world a better place.  Humans strive for connection and the most I can do is let someone know we are not alone and they too can overcome anything.