Written in December 2011

It’s time to pick up all the pieces,
put them back in place.
Fragments of broken debris
disintegrate to reveal that face.
Oh how I long to see that again,
to be immersed in that essence.
Oh how I long to feel that with me again,
that everlasting presence.
My love, it was you wasn't it?
And it has been all that while.
I long to be back in your arms
and melt into that smile.
I’d like to get to that point
when all fear and torment is gone.
I know I’ve got one step ahead.
I know it won’t be long.
The stillness sings a different tune,
a new verse every day.
And in my heart I sing along
through sadness, peace and pain.
I guess I’ll wait
and let them come,
those powerful waves of transformation.
Merge with me, carry me along,
transport me to that revelation!

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