Why do you remind me of science?
You remind me of all the things that I love about Cambridge
and what I miss on a cold, clear winter’s night in London;
classic architecture, mechanical sculptures,
detailed paintings, heavy musky books,
large ornamented halls, epic melodies..
The universal intelligence conducts her orchestra;
the sounds still resonate within the walls of my memories….
Science was never your thing
and it’s mantras never did mingle with your speech,
but oh, how you remind me of it!
The dream that fades into the darkness of the night
like a star’s last performance of light…
When you are there, your presence is like a torch
that brings out the contours of what had parted
from my sight.
That is why I long to be in your vicinity.
It is you who reminds me
of that dream,
that manifested into reality
when I deviated from the life
that’d been bestowed upon me
since birth.
And then, a call
that initiated the beginnings of true responsibility.
Before I returned, before I leapt forward
there was you:
a life that would prevent me
from ever knowing my real destiny.

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