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Nelson D Reyes


We Love Ergo We Live
            Ubi Sunt

Poets love. Everybody loves. The greatest of the three Christian Virtues, the other two being Faith and Hope, Love is at once patient and kind. A continuation of our mother’s affection love flows naturally from our hearts the same spiritual love endowed upon humankind since the dawn of light, repeated eons over, made sure is seeded firmly in our souls before the umbilical cord is severed.

One of many meanings and shades of it but one that is commonly known the dictionary defines love as a feeling of strong attraction and deep attachment to someone sexually or otherwise. That someone usually is taken as the  “object”, a desire, one’s wish, a goal. Not anything inanimate like a stone but a live person, someone  s/he  wishes to share love with, the “object” of an affectation without the overtones or undertones of guilt. Someone to touch who reciprocates in kind, to make love with sans permission being granted but is felt as consensual - not having a lawyer or a priest present in the bedroom.


 Love reciprocated is the most exciting feeling anyone can experience
 sexually or otherwise. How can someone get excited if the “object” is other than in the form of a persona, an image and character that is likable? “Object” maybe is not the right word.  But certainly one is not thinking to get sensually aroused  from a stone or a brain when making love.  I feel the use of the word “object” in this case is strongly related to love by definition at the very least, a romance in the making, a desire to make love and be loved in return, a truly deep feeling of affection wanted to be expressed with the one you love. Lest I be misconstrued, this is not an attempt to justify objectification of a beloved person. Maybe a better word is “inspiration”. Like in “S/he is the inspiration of my love.”  We need to use a word that does not connote objectification when we express our love to someone.

On the other hand sex for sex’s sake is entirely a different matter. Between two or more consenting adults it could really be entirely a different thing, even devoid of love, purely for pleasure. Done with the sex act the couple(s) can call it a day and have a nice dinner - “see you next time”, perhaps never - depends.

I can see how the word “love” or “object” is now taken as one more additional sense or synonym for “harassment” as it all depends on how the act of love was conducted or consummated. Not being insensitive to sexual harassment, a despicable non-consensual sex act, the current front and center state of affairs in the news– now seemingly becoming a watershed– begs the question about asking a permission to make love, by sex, between two persons who love each other, married or not. In fact many believe this should be the case all along, in marriage or any relationship. But the romance, the spontaneity, the surprises, the “many splendored thing” of love–  things that make it mysterious and tantalizing– where have all they gone? Or do these matter anymore? Traditions change I admit. After all this is the 21st Century– the Neo-Enlightenment or the Neo-Age of Reason some say  but definitely “the robotic century”.

Love has always been complicated and elusive and misunderstood for the most part. It is like a color wheel. The colors as you may well know have different shades and meanings that easily could get involved. Equated with sex love gets more complex and sensitive. Small wonder the slightest friendly nonchalant pat on the shoulder or a friendly eye contact could now be anything but - a lust hidden behind, a dirty old man trick, a cheap thrill. In other words, a harassment. Love has now come out of the closet so to speak and revealed its darker shade, the ugly rough texture, the other side of the moon that’s always there but never seen. It’s been covered up for as long as Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden. We all know about the bad apple and the serpent but we ignored them. After all love is inherent to mankind, evil by nature is not thus mankind is incapable of wrongdoing. This we hold as a guiding precept. We kept saying “love is all we need”. And we praise love with beautiful prose and poetry, romantic rhymed and metered verses, songs of eternal devotions. We have love tragedies and operas too. We have Venuses, gods and goddesses of love. Drunk we are with love like Priapus. Innocent we remain for eternity until today when “love” came out naked in droves without a doubt will continue to come out, likely more painful and humiliating.  Were the chivalrous social conducts in fact only pretexts to an end which is sex? Wrongdoing truly is not inherent to humankind?

 The other side of the NewMoon is Full Moon

I still maintain my naïveté. I still say “Love is all we need.” Transitive and intransitive, love acted and felt, for better and for worse. Better to have loved and lost than not loved at all, Alfred Tennyson. “Take a chance in telling the truth up front and learn the lessons for a better life and love relationship.”, (read somewhere). This is not a new concept. Judging from the current number of people on Earth this is what most people do. We continue to make love, we continue to need one another to survive. We ask, we get and give consent. Thus Poetry, from single word lines to full epic narratives for ages, objectified feelings, the whole spectrum of emotions, warts and all, metaphors, similes, meters, free forms, etc., because we continue to need one another - we continue to make love, to love life. To live with hope, with faith. To know and accept that the other side of the dark moon is a lovely bright silver full moon.

Ah... ubi sunt... where have all the romance gone? The Knight in the Shining Armor? The Dream Princess? Don Quixote? The Girl from Ipanema? The Femme Fatale? Were they all a waste? Best kept as nostalgia?

Poets love. Everybody loves. Love flows naturally from our hearts.
We love... we dream... ergo we live.

                                                     * * *
Photo: The KISS, from the Gates of Hell, Rodin public domain

Purple Winds
            Galaxies of Humankindness

The whispery gentle purple wind lightly whistles a faint
Fragile thin luminous lavender papyrus Halloween ghost
Mascaras shadow dancing the granite stone misty vapor falls
Of a Yosemite bluff overlooking sequoias oblique to the fading sun
Mask replicas purpling hugging the pastel beige stone facade
As the misty mystic purple vapor gingerly cascading down

The purple winds glide airily transparent like smokes of dry ice
In the morning along the peaks the breezy cool the breezy warm
Down to the plains echoing the cry of the dry hollow tumbleweeds
The song of the desert winds
The cool wind of the thin mountain air
The moonbeam rustling leaves
The fiery rustic romance breeze
Dancing the hot spicy salsa air spin
The blustery winds of the squall
The pirouetting October snow dusts on a trail
The sun stirring warm ocean air
The dust winds the tornadic gales
In the eye of the voracious hurricane vortices
The howling sound of a thousand wolves
In the hot colors of the crackling fatal fire wind
The sandblasting beach the quiet waves of the sunset sail

The tender notes of the twilight Spanish guitar
The soft wiggle of a dew on a fern at dawn

Such is the whispery purple wind
Satiny like a bridal veil layering weaving through
At times wild
At times tame
Simply a romance
A breathing living poetry
Life transforming
Love transcending
Beyond the auras
Beyond the essences
Of our souls
Love wind blown
In a sweep whispering of hope
Rhythmically swayed
Like fireflies in the black forest

Winds of purple love
Ever floating light
...leaves caress and sing softly
Ever so sharply
...leaves howl and cry fiercely hard
Ever so thinly
...floating like gossamer wings of air
Fragile yet connected
Contouring to cotton soft breezes
...Strong as the spiderwind silver silk web
Torn at places but love unbroken
...Like a Halo rainbow
Over the galaxies of human kindness

                         * * *
Photo: ndr Yosemite Bridal Veil Falls 10.17.2017
Poem gelled during our (Betsy and I) trip to Yosemite - a nature’s
magnificent panorama of granite mountains, meadows and valleys, rock
outcroppings, waterfalls, sequoias, and the onset of autumnal display
of changing colors, the falling leaves, the gentle wind, the soothing sound
of running creeks. A dream picture of serenity away from the madness of
 “fumigation”, literally and figuratively. Our house being fumigated at
the time. And the two famous Houses in DC, well, as well:-)).

Hades Among Us
              Banished Again

Banished from the Garden of Eden once more infidels
Tethered to the galloping horses of the apocalypse across
The Styx to the flaming gates of the Stygian chasm into fiery
Abyss of death Tartarus deepest chamber of fallen angels

Where Hades is waiting nibbling his fresh bloodied claws
Stroking the growling  tri-headed Cerberus with his other hand
White Red Black Pale horses blazing through the fire gauntlet
To the bluff plunging and howling desperate cries of hollow souls

A blanket of hate we see all around vicious too romantic a word
To veil  the evil Medusa snake heads of disguises hypocrisies
The hollow fake eloquence of love undeniably sepulchral
Transparent the threat of a blood trident evil callousness

And it proliferates like a cancerous cell wrapping around
A beguiled hypnotized constituency confused lost disoriented
At what cost do we have to pay to get back the word love now
Lightly thrown everywhere mucked stripped of all its virtues

Angry Helios will keep  beating on us deep into our sinewed souls
Love we lost the armor gives the protection the sunscreen we need
Fortitude against adversity head on the shoulders we remain prudent
Respect for all races of people self restraint carries us through

Until we get back the word love in its unblemished red sacred form
Faith hope and charity are but words only juxtaposed with letters
Devoid of any meaning we once knew by heart the graces of love that
Shielded the hate spewed from the forked tongues of the Hades among us

                                                       * * *
Photo: Public Domain


Familial Gatherings
              Divinely Rising Sun

Dawn you get up to a glimpse of first light little before sunrise
Pastel old rose you see as you look out the window eyelids sticky
The same shade spread you saw a little past sunset day before
And yellow orange setting sun as it rises comes out the same color

Before too long you hear the all familiar sweet morning songs
Of Mother Nature helpers out from their roosting sanctuaries
Joyfully chirping “good morning” to all creatures near and far
Cacophonous yet at times rhythmic metered rhymed as well

Before too long the soft sunlight gracefully blankets your home
Plays shades and shadows interstitially to nooks and crannies
Like a breeze would on a cool morning wafting a whiff of the first
Fragrances of awakening smiling flowers stretching their petals

Reached for the morning paper you saw squirrel merrily nut munching
You deep breathed fresh air exhaled a rainbow mist squirrel stood still
Ah... such morning glory things you love to break a new day with are there
Coffee made better by familial gatherings as the sun divinely rises

                                                  * * *
Photo: ndr Dawn from my window

Fields Of Dreams
            I Believe You

She smiled and she winked and said
You are mine my love forever
I believe her
She told me with a sweet smile
You will adore me your love forever more
I believe yes
She held my hand braided our fingers when she said
I am your flower your red rose not anyone else to share

Our hands tightened

Stroll we float joyous on the gold dust wisps from the sunflower field
We begin to fly arms winged we drift ever so lightly into thin air
Into the clouds we swing layers of silvery tiny dots appear in the sky
As if blown by jinn angels filtered into pastel rainbows across everywhere
Higher we ascend into the canopy of the mystic universe and yonder
Colorful birds exotic butterflies wingless earth creatures trailing along
Like shooting stars baroque dancing green purple pirouettes in aurora lights
Frosty air we breathe fresh invigorating the sweetness of an infant’s breath

Reborn we felt we grasped hands again

I smiled and I winked and I said
You are mine my love forever
I believe you she said
With a sweet smile I told her
I adore you forever more my love
She said I believe yes
Like a pair of braided red roses entwined we gently float down
Lie on the twilight kissed sunflower golden fields of dreams

Evermore in love... unchanged for each other ever

                                 * * *
Photo: ndr Hudson, Ohio 2017 Spring

Swing Of Things
               Happy as a Kid

Reel to reel tape quadraphonic front side sound blasters
Front center beer in one hand nail coffin in your mouth
Sat on the floor soak in the crisp jumpy rhythm of drum beaters
Latin bongos marimbas blurring the mambo beats far out
You opened your eyes tapes reeled off the spinners
A ribbon of pappardelle in search of sauce and pasta lovers

How it was before Bluetooth iPods Streaming ages ago
One more swig of hops step into the kitchen thinking dinner

Onions garlic salt and fresh black pepper to grind check
Only missing fresh lemon and wild caught sockeye salmon
Off you go whistling to your car two items be back in a sec
Down the aisle specials on pizzas two boxes in to cart thrown
Reduced organic bananas mangoes and sweet corn why not
Buy one get one free fish oil a thousand tablets can’t go wrong
Organic skinless chicken breasts today only dollar off yes you got
Sliced caramelized ham small right size got to get for slider buns
Got to have sugar and spice coffee bundled with smiley mug
Sardines from Spain and Morocco pull tabs take half a dozen
Sliders none on the shelves straight to bakery got brioches bag
French bread nice and warm pumpkin pie smiling to cart they gotten
Now half past five rush hour is here folks from work rush to flee
Wheel to cashiers flowers wink purple orchids come with glee

At last... back in the kitchen pull out the cutting board... but lo!
No lemon no salmon... Hah!...you craved for not tonight’s dinner

Mulled over what happened... a dread
Sliced the French bread
Pulled the tab off Spain
Forgot two things TWO you went out for... again
Into the swing of things instead you wheeled and go
Your face Neuman like a kid you were ages ago

                                 * * *
Photo: Public Domain

Life goes on
Dreams never fade they come true
There is miracle
In every breath you take
Partake in the celebration
The continual feast of life
Inhale soak your body with all
Nature around you
Take that next breath
Share it with your soul
Forever more
Before you do anything else

Open your eyes
See the glorious beautiful things
Blanketed by the serene tapestry
The sun and the moon had put together
Soft whispers of color breezes
A rainbow that now surround you
Gentle souls
Ever longing eyes wanting to talk to you
Fragrant scents
Ever radiant color wheel petals eager to please you
God’s presence –all saying “I love you”

                                  * * *
Photo:ndr The sun and the moon moments before the start of the
Serene Tapestry on August 21, 2017.

Cold Moons
          The Earthworms Appear

And now I see golden leaves of harvest moon
Streaked with crimson pale greenish bright yellow
The play of colors as the sun rises and the sun sets
Arching bowing south cold moons not far behind

The grayish sky cutting a thin line silver gleam
To an emerald pinkish seemingly calm sea
A cooling backstage curtain closed prelude
Heralding a dark season to come to prepare for

To a long third act tying together a wholesale mess
Debris cleaning of the mind put back lives upended
By the sweet looking beast-hiding puffy cloud vortices
That sashayed through the paradise warm waters of the seas

A gathering intermission of sustaining warmth
Like kindred love of the clustering naked emperors
Facing a crisis from the coming blustering winter gales
Scenes now not unique outside their home Antarctica

An audacious one act play with multi-sub-acts humans
Build houses abodes with views of their souls’ desires
A nest like a robin’s built with love and layer protected
Carefully thought out against unforeseen events

Ah... how humans build... caves like nests... nests like castles
Rock solid foundations squatter on piers sans irons even
Peacock wing glass facades rainbow ceramic brick walls
Testaments to long held beliefs a far cry from earthworm’s burrows

Much as God gave birth to bountiful fauna and flora
Canopied with sun seeking forests Earth abounds with joy
Benevolent God’s gifts exceedingly generous to all beings
Alas... the forces of nature are part of God’s creation as well

A bond once again is upon us this coming cold moons
As we look straight to the howling winds pliant trees we see
A moment of hope we grasp that we remain resilient also
Through it all till the Earth tilts again and the joyful earthworms appear
...Once more

                                          * * *
Photo:Public Domain - a pair of loving earthworms, a picture of joy as they emerged from their abode upon the first whiff of fresh spring air when all the cold moons are gone.

White Thanksgiving
            dc 1971




Seen not often in DC
Rarely so on Thanksgiving


Photo: ndr ca’80s My son ice skating the Mall.

Nightmare Couch
            Bad Dream




Ceremonial blood letting
Casting couch a nightmare drill

                     * * *


Fall in to the monkey mind
Of the moment
Let it flow
Creep out of your body
And the next one
And the next wave
And the next...
Till you do not
Find yourself anywhere
But in the moment
You are breathing in
And breathing out
Not aware of the smile
On your face even...
Now oblivious to your breaths
Totally lost in the moment
In the Faith
Your whole body and mind

• * *

Photo: my grandson with all the faith he could muster.

Dream Statues
            “Give me your...”

Sweaty poor unwanted trash___
Come live love sustained freedom

                        * * *

Photo: NPS Statue of Liberty Images