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Nelson D Reyes


Cold Moons
          The Earthworms Appear

And now I see golden leaves of harvest moon
Streaked with crimson pale greenish bright yellow
The play of colors as the sun rises and the sun sets
Arching bowing south cold moons not far behind

The grayish sky cutting a thin line silver gleam
To an emerald pinkish seemingly calm sea
A cooling backstage curtain closed prelude
Heralding a dark season to come to prepare for

To a long third act tying together a wholesale mess
Debris cleaning of the mind put back lives upended
By the sweet looking beast-hiding puffy cloud vortices
That sashayed through the paradise warm waters of the seas

A gathering intermission of sustaining warmth
Like kindred love of the clustering naked emperors
Facing a crisis from the coming blustering winter gales
Scenes now not unique outside their home Antarctica

An audacious one act play with multi-sub-acts humans
Build houses abodes with views of their souls’ desires
A nest like a robin’s built with love and layer protected
Carefully thought out against unforeseen events

Ah... how humans build... caves like nests... nests like castles
Rock solid foundations squatter on piers sans irons even
Peacock wing glass facades rainbow ceramic brick walls
Testaments to long held beliefs a far cry from earthworm’s burrows

Much as God gave birth to bountiful fauna and flora
Canopied with sun seeking forests Earth abounds with joy
Benevolent God’s gifts exceedingly generous to all beings
Alas... the forces of nature are part of God’s creation as well

A bond once again is upon us this coming cold moons
As we look straight to the howling winds pliant trees we see
A moment of hope we grasp that we remain resilient also
Through it all till the Earth tilts again and the joyful earthworms appear
...Once more

                                          * * *
Photo:Public Domain - a pair of loving earthworms, a picture of joy as they emerged from their abode upon the first whiff of fresh spring air when all the cold moons are gone.

Diamond Ring Plasma
              A Celestial Joy Ever

Earth’s atmosphere changing different ways
Seasonal temperature surges plunges sustained
World climate warming life species perplexed
Increased incidences of catastrophic tornadoes storms
Species extinction now sixth said abnormal high rate
Trace evidence not anywhere in four plus billion years

Could be that the Earth’s polarity currently slowly
Processing the reversal started million years ago
That the Sun is weakening plasmas escape at will
Spewing out to vast distances beyond its sphere
That cosmic solar winds one day could collapse fry
Earth’s magnetic fields before a protective shield is set

A cosmic paradox a universal feasting of birth and death
Life source solar wind plasmas Chaos spread at the Big Bang
Seeded incubated a gift splendor a peacock plume sky was cast
A canopy where Selene silhouetted Sun God Helios eons repeated

Alas the rogue Sun plasmas like the Charioteer’s four horses prancing
Again “blazing burning turning the sky a fiery” Reaper Tartarus field
Earth and the eight siblings await the galactic plasma apocalypse
As millions of black holes orbit around condor like in Milky Way

A dark path indeed yet ever surviving Earth’s immortal souls flew out
From the bowels of the vacuum hole reincarnated in a parallel galaxy
A life sprouting oasis of Earth species a festival an endless celestial joy
Ever as the Moon again engulfs Sun diamonds spark shadows Earth

All Cosmos is singing
In concert a New Earth rejoices
As the New Sun emerges...
Life once more affirmed... a Providence Plan
“...from everlasting to everlasting...”

                                               * * *
Photo: NDR 10:06 AM August 21, 2017 taken from the side yard of our house in Laguna Woods, CA

Moon diamond rings over Earth - third poem about The Great American Eclipse that occurred on August 21, 2017.

The Backyard Walkway
        Poetry Everywhere

You retreat from yourself disengage your labyrinthine mind
Precisely before dinner you sweep the backyard walkway
Routine but not the quiet meditation you get walking the way
Hardly any cottontail rabbit past twilight usually earlier dined
A little breeze not windy few leaves to clear done in no time
The mourning doves wing whistled to roost another shrub
Lizards nowhere in sight visiting egret flew back to creek hub
Squirrels nest tucked-in chipmunks in burrows cheeks sublime

All quiet you hear you feel a state of peace around the backyard
All creatures settling for a moonlit night once more entertained
Lullabied to a dream by crickets and frogs into a symbiotic refrain
To a wonderful morrow when familiar sweet noises songs of birds
Break with the dawn a sunny day at hand the walkway again a ply
Beach pink butterflies appear flower’s delight as a lizard rolls an eye

                                                    * * *
Photo: ndr

Bikini Smiles
         On The Boardwalk

Fiery horizon clouds hover the Sun on the boardwalk
Sandy sandals worn shades flipped over head
Now more relaxed walking than sitting watching
Girls in and out the ocean fingers fixing bikinis

The Sun settled offering yet a deep lavender night
The water the wide beach the sand the foam glow
In a sheen of diffused light a pastel pink topaz
Soft goodnight kisses blowing from the mermaidens

Strolling on the boardwalk watching bare feet giggling girls
Summer dresses brush the walk high bikinis above hips
Got no cares youthful laughters so infectious sweet smiles
You blush you hunger for fudge ice cream caramel popcorn

Out of the water into the sands the white foams
From dark dusty sea floor a few hundred feet
Under down from the sea grand canyons all day
Apollo had warmed tiny bubbles of air to surface
The very essence of summertime seagulls tiptoeing
The rustling feathering surf the gentle rush of waves
Soothing crescendoes intermezzo lullabies you hear
Like folding waves fading receding onto shores echoing

The Sun beats down sunscreen held tight to your skin

Bikinis loose cool summer dresses sunscreens sweet smiles
Laughters like the self luminescent fragile fireflies of the sea
Deep in the dark crevices of the ocean floor on the boardwalk
Become friendly chameleon images channelling harm away

Another lick of the ice cream fudge you smile as it drips onto the tub of caramel popcorn... ah... summertime...
Let me have my caramel popcorn and eat it too

                                     * * *
Photo: ndr Topsail Beach NC
Video: ndr Summer Solstice early morning at the beach
             South Bethany, 2:25 minute

Dream Statues
            “Give me your...”

Sweaty poor unwanted trash___
Come live love sustained freedom

                        * * *

Photo: NPS Statue of Liberty Images

            life asserting

            * * *
Hiroshima Nagasaki
Peace bloom forever
            * * *

The Little Boy flew
Hitchhiked inside Enola Gay
The Fat Man flew
Sat in the bowels of Bockscar
Across the Pacific from a tiny island
Clear morn the “broad island” Hiroshima
Over the cloudy long cape port Nagasaki
Quiet sleeping small fishing towns for ages
Turned imperial arms makers suppliers

Three mornings apart peace sister cities now
Atom pregnant mushrooms free fall from B-29s
Sprouted black red clouds short lived yet
Had ingrained in the soul of the Rising Sun
Forever in the heart where the imperial sword
Wielded swift guillotine-like decapitations
Of the defiant hostile unbowing war subjects
Of a Mickey Mouse beholden disnified Emperor
Abundant benevolence Demigod Hirohito

The Imperial sword sheathed at last
Face strained the Rising Sun bowed
Onto the laps of the victors the spoils
Peace and a token peninsula a misty hermit state
Once the comfort bedroom of the harakiris
A respite nook where the rays of the red sun
Softly brushing the pastel pink cheek shores
A summer kigo offering for a winter haiku musings

This the Land of the Morning Calm
Centuries of glorious cultural past
Proud religious people now a divided land
Looming over a dark shadow a mushroom cloud
A different specie puffball hundredfold fiery and toxic

Let Little Boys and Fat Men rest in peace forever
Not again a fireball like in Hiroshima - Nagasaki
Leave the peace be... let life assert...ever  flourish
Let oleanders forever be blooming... undisturbed

                               * * *
(C) NDR8.21.2017 (Moon covers the Sun totally today!)
Photo: VVanGogh’s Oleander, credit Met online
Video: USS Indianapolis found recently after 72 years in the bottom of the Philippines Sea.
             The WWII warship carried parts of Little Boy and Fat Man, a crucial voyage towards
             peace. Video is 5 min long.

Cosmic Fire
              Beds Of Hot Coals

A cosmic gift to Neanderthals prayer candles in cathedrals
A classical element nemesis of water equally complementary
Combusts rapidly flashes on perfect ambient conditions
Predator to oxygen sucks heat devours flammables
A Rembrandt frame highlighted in primal Van Gogh wrath

Waves of flaming amber red iron skyward spreading fast
Infrared heat wind blown scorching the far and the surround
Crackling ashes popping in the sky like muted fireworks
From nature’s wonderland habitats of jinns fauna and flora
Libra’s autumn colors die out against Leo’s summer blazing hues

Earth’s blood globs sizzle up glowing from the sapphire ocean
Traces jet like in flaming brilliant orange zigzagging to steppes
Like glow in the dark yellow centipedes climbing the mountains
Engulfing greens the bushes burping on grasslands and wetlands
Sparkling earth to tinders a vomit dark yellow death valley unfolds

No Nero was not playing the lyre neither was there a pagan
purifying carnival ritual

A magical glow sustains life a friend yet a foe a trident reaper
Holy in the home hearth and altar spiritual in all prayer temples
The flame of life eternal since Chaos breathed light to Aether
Heavenly light a spark that greets a new day a new birth
A celebration of life lit as well in the acceptance of death

Incanted in rituals summoned by worshippers to cleanse sins
Sweet healing incense bathing your soul as you sit in mudra
Naked in bed you surrender to the warmth of lavender oil candles
You begin to feel the divine power potency of the teardrop soft flames
Soothed and relaxed you rid the blemishes of the day’s excesses

Like Zeus with his nine muses and the magic wand thunderbolt
Sun the patriarch of the solar family of nine primordial siblings
Brings order a convivial carousel among children gathered around
Succoring them unlike Zeus with the vital force of life mighty element
The soul the innermost core Heaven’s Solar Wind the Cosmic Fire

And the mortals continue the yin yang rituals to purity their existence
Walk bare feet over beds of hot coals Prometheus' gift Zeus denied

                                                      * * *

Photo: ndr topsail nc sunset, "the sun the witch the reaper"
Video: YouTube "Walk on Fire"

Naked Sky Dance
         A Galactic Milonga

Here comes the black new Moon
Facing the Sun from its usual side
Smiley face to Earth unblinking naked
Eyes the Sun slowly penetrating the soul

Of this gentle Earth oriented silver disc
Time marking chameleon in bright sky
Unseen yet solid as a tar hockey puck
A black Selene will hold and slow

Dance Helios on a journey across the azure sky
Over millions of enchanted fields of bright
Black-eyed Susans and crimson Sweet Williams
The meadows of majestic sunflowers lilies selfies all

Peeping Tom Earth again front and center
To the slow love dance as naked Selene
Takes a bite of nude Helios’ cheek
Lips caressing hissing up to his ear ‘take me!’

Seemingly in the dark yet exposed
Spotlighted like the Milonga dancers
Accordion strains to a passionate nascent snail
Tango moves now in stark noir et blanc ‘yes!’

Ah... the mating of a galactic love in the dark of day
A monochrome time lapse solar touching in shadows
A spectral of emotions in full infinity folded embrace
The song birds roost roosters crow on cue bats fly wild
A love our Sun our Moon the stars their queens consummate

To our delight to our moments of lost innocence offered
A 'ceasefire’ framed timely to sweetly savor though briefly
The mystery of deep twilight against the shimmering halos of the Sun
In this yet evolving Cosmos from primordial Chaos repeated
Still the deities of night and day distant ever from the ten muses

                                                  * * *
(C)NDR6.24.2017 1:50AM
Photo: ndr


Cotton Candy
       Sky Tsunami

Highways now flowing rivers
Life conveyors welcome sweet

                     * * *

Photo: NDR Top Sail Beach NC

The Frog and The Turtle
               A Pristine Refuge

There is a bull frog on top of the diamond back

That is on a rock island in the middle of a creek
That meanders toward and under the bridge cheek
Where a few ducks and ducklings are preening
The turtle and the frog some ducks quietly watching

Not a quibble the terrapin seemed oblivious of the bull

Absorbed about something gaze fixated up the creek
A white elegant egret stealthily walking without a creak
Along the water edge long neck moving back and forth
Legs up and down ever soft ripples make a circle court

The translucent green tea stream silently slowly flowing the all

Beneath arches of shade trees that are gently kissing
The creek with soft pink shadows rock water gliding
From the amber cloud streaked red oolong setting sun
A pristine scene of eons past repeats itself all and one

Life through time has honed all creatures to connect with nature clock

Chirping songbirds scatter around the bushes socializing
Black birds skip-flying the canopies loud songs ever groaning
Noises a sweet reminder day is done choices made twilight comes
Smiling subway humans surface to happy hour retreat plums

Such is the dance of life improvising ever jazz rocking the waltz
Common with all beings the communion with nature with earth’s
A ceaseless journey of faith trials joy family security and revival
A pilgrimage ever searching for love a home a mate for survival

The bull frog has stopped calling kissed the turtle flew to a bushy site
Cricket serene roosting by the creek under starlit sky a refuge paradise

                                               * * *
Photo: NDR Oak Creek Sedona AZ
Video: ndr. Ducks at Aliso Creek, Laguna Woods, CA  50 sec


Sacred In Your Heart

There is a sacred place
                      In my soul
I love you
You gave me your all
                      Your love unconditionally

Lately I saw
In your eyes the sadness
                      Sorrow I felt
You waited
Eternally for the doors to open
                      Noises familiar to you
Me to appear be with you again

You soulfully
Greeted not in your usual
                      Happy way
Loud nasal joyful voice

I felt sadden
Still not fully
Your sorrow your pain

I let you out
Fresh air you need
                   I thought invigorating
Put a smile on your face

Even nudged you
Not knowing the pain
                   Your eyes are showing
Not at the moment you softly said no

Deeply in pain
Now I know
                   You sought comfort
The love you know always there from me

Yes you have
Without reservation like yours
                    This place in my soul
Sacred as you hold a place immortalized
In your heart for me

                       * * *
Photo: ndrTopsailBeachNC


      loving care

thank you
taking care of me
In more ways
than one
You are

Photo: ndr