journey, faith, love, trials, sorrows

I am broken, I am bound,
Yet I have hope to be found.
I search for Grace,
Let God pour His love upon my face.
I have been knocked down,
Beat up and kicked around.
He lays out His hand,
As He helps me to stand.
I fear not as I walk on.
My old skin is gone.
Let my footsteps not be late,
May He keep my path straight.
As I follow the path of light,
May He lead me in the battles I fight.
I know not what lies ahead,
Yet I must not look back at what is dead.
The light is in front of me,
May I open my heart to see.
I may walk blindly along,
But I will follow my heart’s song.
I’ll believe in that which I feel,
May the rest God reveal.

#faith #love #hope #journey #trials

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Makayla Taylor
about 4 years

This is so beautiful, thank you for posting! Very talented. :3

Fatima Amal
Fatima Amal
almost 4 years

Thank you :)

Robert L. Martin
about 4 years

I have so many things to be grateful for. Without the love of God in my heart, they wouldn't even matter to me.

Fatima Amal
Fatima Amal
about 4 years


Leesaan Robertson
about 4 years

It's like you have painted my life story. I am also broken in so many ways but I can honestly say that without God by myside, I would not be able to face another day.

Fatima Amal
Fatima Amal
about 4 years

Me either...He is my best friend! I believe God's children go through all we do for a reason...Our sufferings and trials bring us to perseverance and builds our character and strength and if we're really lucky, we may even obtain a little wisdom along the I'm glad you liked it! :)

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