"Life imitates Art, far more than Art imitates life".

                     "Life imitates Art, far more than Art imitates life".
Hi, my name is Laila..

 I love everything in Arts,  I think Nature is the most beautiful thing humanity is blessed with.
  I love looking at the vast sky and the ocean because, for a moment it reminds me that society is small and I can create my own system/  pieces of art that doesn't need to fall in place with the norms the the system created.
I write,  yes, it's kind of something I kind of find solace in..
Delilah,  my pen name. An entire different shade of me comes out when I am left with a notebook and pen.. Spilling ink has always been a part of me..  


I believe that kindness is the most beautiful of qualities one could have... You don't have to be rich or famous to be beautiful...  You just have to have a... heart filled with empathy, love, compassion, humility and most of all.. Kindness. And then you are...  Beautiful. For true beauty comes from within..
I'm 18 years old, currently a student,  studying to be an English teacher. And very very nervous when it comes to speaking in front of a class... #confessions..

2016 -  There's plenty I'd like to state that just has that.. 'Wow'  effect, I think the best word for this would be, Yūgen. Something about this world, this experience.

To watch the Sun sink behind a hill and wait for the light of the stars.
 To wander into the unknown without reason or return.
 To watch trees sway and the colour of Autumn fall.
To trace your fingers on your once so dearly beloved's hand and know all the routes on it yet... still not know that it was the last time you would touch them.
To contemplate the paths of the birds across the vast sky and
around the sun, and so,
 we have been..


I tend to isolate myself sometimes...  don't worry, Nothing is wrong, it's just the way I am, I  find it more.... meaningful,   as I go through different  perspectives...

.................( uhhhhh... Figuring out Where's   Never land ...    ^_^)
Thank you!  for going though my work...  
 Cuidate!...  Take care!


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