I looked and chose a thick one
Tossed it sideways into the water
Grimacing; sticking out my tongue
One, two… Quickly, it goes under…
Then she looks around, a flat one
She sees; smiling like a Cheshire
She tossed it; lots of arm motion
One, two, three… oh so much higher…
I lost repeatedly, in mock frustration
She laughed heartily, clearly happy
That’s how we spent the afternoon
'Twas hard to pretend feeling crappy…
A day at the beach with my daughter
Did I let her win that day?
Maybe, but she was such a happy camper
Truly, I was the winner in every way!
© F Aparici 10/19/2015


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over 5 years

They're our memories to treasure after all

Benjamin G. Sangalang
over 5 years

Don't we miss the happy memories more than do the kids for which they were created!

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