Thirty-first of June

Much longer it’s taken
Is the end even in sight?
Or must we wait till when
All our hair turns white!
Wish we can travel again
Have dinner by candlelight
In Paris along the Seine
One glorious summer night!
Under the stars and silvery moon
Hoping not the thirty-first of June!
© F Aparici 07/21/2020

I know the day may come when we're both together
If we could only start, it would be forever
Maybe these dreams of mine will break in time
Just like a toy balloon
And I'll be waiting here till the thirty-first of June
You're as far away as the thirty-first of June
Yes, you're as far away as the thirty-first of June
~Petula Clark

The thirty-first of June is a day that may never come. And so hoping this pestilence ends before then.


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