Fine Gold

Like fine gold
Seven times purified
Her heart is pure
Love alone burns inside!
Not a speck of ill
Anyone will find
None wicked nor sinful
In her incorrupt mind!
She goes thru life
Edifying her fellowmen,
Glorifying God
And dreaming of heaven!
From her sweet lips
Never a harsh word;
And in her mind
Evil thoughts never stirred!
She’s a shiny silver dime
Among the nickels
A fragrant white rose
Among thorns and thistles!
But in His wisdom
Our Creator took her early
Perhaps she’s too innocent
The world will treat her unfairly;
In her short earthly stay
She showed us all
How to lead our lives
How to be good and noble!
© F Aparici    01/26/2016...

This is a poem about my older sister who passed away much too early in life

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