I live in a four-walled box
A TV, a couch, pictures on the wall
But my heart is homeless
A sweetheart, no one I can call
Night time in this big city
In front of the TV, I sit alone
No one to hold, no one to talk to
No one, not even on the phone
Good night y’all
© F Aparici


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Sim Evora
27 days

Homelessness doesn't mean living in the street, sadly, many are homeless living in a mansion with no one who cares and love.

J Ann Crowder
over 4 years

I fear the end of my life will be like this. my greatest fear is coming home to a house with no one in it. Family is what makes home a home. Very deep poetry, short and sweet.

over 4 years

Thank you Jenifer

over 4 years

For about two years, I lived in a one-bedroom apartment. At a time when I was not in a relationship. glad to say, that period of my life appears over.

about 5 years

Thank you for liking my poem.

Charlotte B. Williams
about 5 years

My heart goes out to people who are really homeless. It's just so sad. I pray for them, and try to help them sometimes. cute poem.

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