Unread my rhymes could be, it matters not
Even if all my poems gain no acclaim
Satisfied will I be and bear no shame
For my time and effort won’t be for naught
Words I write describe the beauty I see
Joy fills me when I read those lines again
Once more I see the sunset and the rain
All of God’s miracles on land and sea!
And all of those moments I celebrate
Whenever  a lovely poem I create!
© F Aparici


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Nelson D Reyes
about 3 years

Poetry is poetry read or unread. Rhymed, blank verse or simple prose. It is an abstraction
of reality or a concrete expression of it as it all depends on how the poet expresses his/her ideas and impressions. And thus is subject to interpretations. Thus even a single syllable word could be a poem. And so is a blank page. Not unlike an empty frame of an artist. It’s like poetry unread.

But it would be a better world if we fill those blank sheets with words uncensored as our beloved friend poet Jenifer Crowder said. Express your self read or unread, published or unpublished. In the end it is you the poet who needs the satisfaction of being able to “create” and being happy that you did.

My two-cents.

Like. Thanks Brod. Sorry got carried away.

about 3 years

@Nelson D Reyes: No problem Brod. My point is that I write not to achieve fame and fortune, but rather to please myself. I am happy if I am the only one who reads my poems.

about 3 years

I like to capture the beauty around me, but since I can't paint, I do the next best thing. LOL

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