Monday morning I’ll tarry in bed
Grab a book; read an hour at least
No need to rush, I’ll wallow instead
My free time, a hundredfold increased
A yawn! Lazily, I’ll open my eyes
With a cup of java, I’d welcome the world
Bask in sunshine, marvel at blue skies,
And sway in the breeze, a flag unfurled
Happy and care-free, I’m truly inspired
From today onwards, I’m officially retired!
© F Aparici                           3-26-2018

The scene is a deserted white sand beach (Sunshine Beach) we visited a few weeks ago in Dinadiawan, Aurora, Philippines. The awesome beach is about an hour north of Baler.

My first visit to the home country after my retirement.

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Nelson D Reyes
plus de 2 ans

Seems to be a nice beach resort, Brod. I looked it up. Not too far from San Miguel,
Bulacan - my ancestral town from my father side-the de Leon’s/Reyes.

And WELCOME to the place I call FantasyLoopEd.Infinity. That’s Ed as in edition not the “ed” we all heard about. In this FantasyLoop we can all dream to infinity. That’s the beauty we all retired to/about. Happy days Brod. Enjoy every moment with Sim and with all your loved ones!

Like. Thanks Brod.

plus de 2 ans

@Nelson D Reyes: Thanks Brod. The place is an hour north of Baler. Not very commercial. Only two resort hotels we found in the area. Kids are more attracted to Baler, where there is a BIG surf.

plus de 2 ans

Thanks for liking.

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