My young son threw a ball  at me
But sadly, he caught me unaware
And it bounced right in front of me
Oh! I melted at his wounded stare!
Perhaps more focused I should be
To show him that I really care
For life’s too short truthfully
To waste blessings our loved ones share!
Be mindful so my eyes shall always see
My fervent hopes and daily pray’r!
© F Aparici


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Nelson D Reyes
over 3 years

This is what soccer, swimming, baseball , football, gymnastics are made for. Why there is Soccer Moms and Dad tag - alongs with cameras and video cams on hand. What pizzas’s are all about. Indeed life can’t cover them all but your presence makes a lot of difference and gain an added score from your wife! Like.

over 3 years

Thanks for the like Brod.

A lot of times we go through life unmindful of our actions. We hurt others unwittingly in the process. The situation is much worse when we hurt those that we love.

I hope that was the message I was able to express.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
over 3 years

@Francis: And you did. And I drew a parallel being mindful of our loved ones and
their interests - what they do - their actions as you said that sometimes catch us by surprise
and causes a sad response from them like your poem said.

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