Small Things

“If you spend your whole life waiting for a storm,
you will never enjoy the sunshine.” ~Morris West

We spend a lifetime
Waiting for the great moments
Hoping it’s heav’n sent
Forgetting small things
That color our every day
Make pleasant our stay
The rainbow after the rain
One tree in the barren plain
A hug from a long-lost friend
A glass of wine at day’s end
Fireflies lighting up the trees
Cooling touch of the night breeze
Waking early at sunrise
After last night’s lullabies
We miss the forest
Perplexed by trees all around
Ears hearing no sound
Eager for the day
We miss the splendid sunrise
In the eastern skies
Sun rays burn our skin instead
Unmindful of what’s ahead
Let’s enjoy the smaller things
View the world on eagle wings
© F Aparici
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