Suddenly Taken

As we grieve the passing of another loved one
Our mending hearts shattered one more time
We reach out to heaven, ask what we’ve done
Forsaken we are, though guilty of no crime!
But here we stand firm, our faith never gone
Though we know not the reason, nor the rhyme
With our spirits unbroken, yet pale and drawn
We ask forgiveness, and rid ourselves of grime
Only so much pain, for our hearts to go on
With no rest, our sanity’s hanging on a dime
But we believe after midnight, comes the dawn
After tribulations, awaits heaven sublime!
Sadly, yet another loved one suddenly taken
To His will we bow, though our hearts are broken!
© F Aparici

My wife's nephew passed away after a long illness, five months after his father (my wife's older brother) died suddenly. I simply wrote what I think she feels right now.


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