the move

the movers came today;
three short, muscled guys
one by one
they carried all of his possessions
to the yellow truck,
while under his watchful eyes
they were careful;
followed all his directions
with a smile he says goodbye
to the empty apartment
he feels no trace of sadness
as he closes a chapter
a period not too long;
thankfully for the moment is over with!
he looks forward to something better
and with happy feet dancing
down the road he goes
out of that box with four walls,
that he called home
for the better part of two years
and it still blows his mind,
to think he survived living like a gnome
for now there’s room
to spread his proverbial wings
a big yard he could turn
into a fruitful garden
no loud footsteps above him
to cripple his evenings
no traffic sounds to wake him!
it is virtual heaven...
© F Aparici


Out of the city finally!

It’s easier to die than to move ... at least for the Other Side you don’t need trunks.
Wallace Stegner, Angle of Repose

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